What’s New?

This page identifies what has been added to or removed from the WMGS website, where it is located and the update date.

ItemLocationUpdate Date
Added Video Link for American Elm Newsletter Database Members Only/Meeting Video Recordings & Handouts9/19/2021
Added Video Link for American Elm Newsletter DatabaseMembers Only/American Elm (Searchable Index)/American Elm Newsletter Database9/19/2021
Added Handout for Sept 16 Training Members Only/Training & SIGs 9/11/2021
Uploaded American Elm Newsletter DatabaseMembers Only/American Elm8/31/2021
Added Handout for September 1 MeetingMembers Only/Meeting Video Recordings & Handouts 8/28/2021
Added September NewsletterWelcome Page/News & Events and Members Only/Newsletter 8/28/2021
Added Recording of August 26 Trainin Session Members Only/Training & SIGs 8/27/2021
Added Handout & Slide Deck for July 7 MeetingMembers Only/Meeting Video Recordings & Handouts7/7/2021
Removed Year from Membership Application linkJoin/Renew7/1/2021
Added July & August meetings and trainings to calendarCalendar6/26/2021
Added July NewsletterWelcome Page/News & Events and Members Only/Newsletter6/26/2021
Add Handout & Video for June 17 TrainingMembers Only/Training & SIGs6/21/2021
Removed My 20 Training VideoMembers Only/Training & SIGs6/21/2021
July EventsCalendar6/14/2001
Restored Home pageHad been deleted6/14/2001
Recording of June 2 MeetingMembers Only/Meeting Video Recordings & Handouts6/3/2021
Updates to Welcome/Home pageWelcome/Home5/10/2021
Updates to About Us pageAbout Us5/10/2021
Recording of May 5 MeetingMembers Only/Meeting Video Recordings & Handouts5/8/2021
May & June EventsCalendar4/23/3021
April 22, 2021 TrainingMembers Only/Training & SIGs4/23/2021
Recording of April 7 MeetingMembers Only/Meeting Video Recordings & Handouts4/23/2021
March 25 Training VideoMembers Only/Training & SIGs3/28/2021
March 18 Training Video & HandoutMembers Only/Training & SIGs3/28/2021
March 2021 Monthly MeetingCalendar2/27/2021
March 2021 TrainingsWelcome Page/New & Events2/27/2021
March 2021 NewsletterWelcome Page/News & Events and Members Only/Newsletter2/27/2021
February 18 Training HandoutMembers Only/Training & SIGs2/21/2021
Recording of August 20, 2020 Training (removed)Members Only/Training & SIGs2/20/2021
February 2021 NewsletterMembers Only/Newsletters1/26/2021
Free eBook from Lisa Louise Cooke (removed)Member Discounts1/12/2021
10% discount link for Genealogy Gems store (removed)Member Discounts1/12/2021
Replaced FGS logo with NGS logoWelcome Page1/11/2021
Recording of 12/2/2020 Meeting (removed)Members Only/Meeting Video Recordings & Handouts1/3/2021
January 2021 NewsletterMembers Only/Newsletters12/31/2020
Brick Wall QueriesTop Menu12/28/2020
Virtual / Online ResourcesTop Menu12/28/2020
Updated Constitution & BylawsMembers Only/Official Documents12/28/2020
Peek at Members OnlyTop Menu12/28/2020