Brick Wall Queries

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Submitting: Queries and responses should be sent via email to Non-members should submit their payment ($5.00 per query) via the Donate tab on the website. Members are entitled to post three (3) queries per month.

Responding: Please send your response directly to WMGS via email to To aid in matching answer to question, please identify the question you are answering by using the month of the newsletter and the question number, for example Oct 2018-Q1, Oct 2018-Q2. Answers submitted should include the source(s) of information found or specific information on a website or database. WMGS will forward the response to the person who asked the question, post it in the next newsletter, and archive it on our website.

Note: Because of space limitations, WMGS reserves the right to limit the number of queries that are listed per newsletter. When necessary, queries will be posted in the next available issue. WMGS and its members are not responsible to conduct research, to provide answers for the query, or for the accuracy of the information posted or received. Always verify any information received by checking its source.